HK Truly Electronics Tech Co.,LTD

Truly Tech, which is a leading independent distributor of electronic components. We supply products and service to worldwide brokers and distributors. We offer best quality, reasonabl price and least delivery time. We are strongly in AD, BB, ATI, INTEL, Broadcom, and many so on! Also we are good at Military, hard-to-find, obsolete parts,.
We also sell LCD Panels and all spares of panels, like as CCFL , Polarizer, inverter and so on ; And all spares of notebook/ computer! Our all lcd parts are fit for repair notebook and computers !
So, we heartily wish to establish a long-term business relation-ship with you. "Customer is the God" is our tenet. So your daily RFQ will be highly appreciated and I believe you will find satisfaction in doing business with our Truly.
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